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Our Faux cakes are styrofoam cakes that are covered with fondant icing and adorned with hand made sugar decorations such as flowers, figurines, etc. We also use beautiful decorative materials not allowed on traditional baked cakes (Swarovski crystals, metals, feathers, etc.), thus creating show stopping centerpiece cakes that are elevated to the next level.

There are additional advantages of selecting a faux cake:

  • Savings averaging  40% or more compared to a baked cakes from a reputable bakery. 

  • Less susceptible to the effects of extreme temperature. Your cake will resist sliding, cracking, or breaking.  

  • Your beautiful Cake remains on display while the caterer's serve slices of sheet cakes to your guests, thus eliminating the distraction of dismantling your work of art.

  • Large venues love faux cakes, because it expedites your serving time.

  • Faux cakes allows you to to view your cake in advance of your function to assure satisfaction. 

  • You are able to keep your centerpiece cake for years as a keepsake (baby's nursery, graduates, anniversaries, etc), or sell it via social media to recoup a portion of your investment. Either way, you are not walking away from your investment and waisting uneaten cake at the end of your affair.  


Owner CEO

After over 30 years of baking and decorating cakes, I was presented with the daunting task of making my own wedding cake for over 200 people, along with planning the large affair. Realizing that baking and decorating a fresh cake just before my wedding would prove to be too taxing, and knowing that I did not want anyone else to make my cake, I prayed for a resolution. Thus, my dilemma became the catalyst for “Cakes Beyond The Realm”. To create elegant and unique faux cakes beyond normal conception. In addition to my vast experience in cake decorating, I have studied sugar art under the internationally acclaimed Chef Nicholas Lodge. I welcome the opportunity to create exquisite cake centerpieces that will heighten the ambiance of any affair. 


Alicia Garland

How it's Done

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